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Reporting & Analytics

Capture actionable insights

Event analytics are key to understanding your event’s value to attendees, and improving year after year. This is how your event becomes the most important in your sector. From custom reports designed to monitor the event as you go along, and compare progress to last year, to detailed post-event analytics available via our API. We put business intelligence in your hands with ease.

Meaningful data at your fingertips

Analyze powerful event data like attendee check-ins, session attendance, and mobile app engagement. Easily share the data with your stakeholders.

Comprehensive view of event value

Our flexible reporting capabilities allow you to measure and quantify your event’s ROI in real-time against the goals you set. Generate a complete picture for each attendee.

Make intelligent improvements

Quickly pull, analyze, and present data and insights from your event. Show stakeholders what worked (and what didn't work). Make informed decisions about your event program.

Retrieve data via our API

  • Attendee details
  • Meeting requests and details
  • Registration data for sessions and activities
  • ScanTracker data on what they actually attended
  • Webcast stats, including viewing duration

For capital markets events - gather a rich set of Investor activity for reporting to the Clients for commission voting.

For trade shows, evaluate attendance, sessions, lead data, and meetings, so your Exhibitor account staff has an advantage when signing up exhibitors for the next event.

Real-time reporting for any event type

Combine virtual and in-person event data to easily compare event metrics by event type.

  • One platform to manage both in-person and virtual events.
  • View data on each attendee at your event (or just key players) and access insights in real-time to make smarter decisions.
  • Understand which sessions and speakers had the greatest impact on your attendees.

Integrate your data with different platforms

Don’t let your event and sales data live in silos.

  • Integrate your event data with your larger tech stack.
  • Generate complete customer and attendee profiles.
  • Reduce manual work of importing and exporting data and spreadsheets.
  • Leverage powerful integration with common CRM systems like Salesforce.
  • Centralize your lead activity.

If you don’t have time, let our Event Services team do this for you.

Tell us what you need and we can create the reports for you. All the benefits but none of the learning or work.

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