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A/V Production

Go-to AV provider for any sized event

While our equipment lays the foundation for the success of your event, our seasoned technicians truly bring it to life. A well-discussed plan and budget will put you at ease and you’ll know that your event will take place as envisioned. Our team breathes life back into your event and ensures it's the most modern and relaxed experience possible.

Produce any event of any size

Planet AV is the one-stop-shop show production company for any sized event. Whether you’re planning a virtual conference, hybrid webinar, or an onsite event, our skilled and experienced technicians deliver the highest quality audio and video while eliminating any possibility of last-minute errors.

Every detail matters

We will suggest the best layout for acoustics and projectors. We can advise on lighting, staging, and backdrop options or staff a speaker-ready room to prepare your speakers before their presentations. Our talented team is attentive to the needs of your event each step of the way.

Superior AV Services for Superior Events

We provide a variety of packages with flexible options to create a cost-effective solution with exceptional performance.

  • Presentation backdrops
  • Custom digital displays
  • Precise room equalization (EQ)
  • High-definition video projectors
  • Custom logo light projectors
  • Dynamic stage lighting
  • Digital schedule & navigation displays
  • In-room video teleconferencing
  • Floor plans & 3-D venue models

Always hire an expert

Is your onsite AV team a group of skilled technicians who are versed in the latest technology? Do they have customer service skills to pinpoint your needs and the best solutions without breaking the bank? An experienced team is equipped to predict, prevent, and swiftly address potential roadblocks and technical issues that you can’t predict.

You may only need the standard package of mics and speakers, projectors, and screens. No problem! We have affordable setup packages with the most modern digital equipment and a small room footprint.

Do your keynote rooms need to be more impactful? We have a vast range of customized options for you to pick from, and a seasoned production manager to help you choose what option is the best fit. Our leading-edge equipment is reliable, affordable, and accommodates any-sized event. It is available in various packages with flexible options to create a cost-effective solution with exceptional performance.

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