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Continuing Education

Make Credits for Continuing Education events easy and reliable

A single platform for registering attendees, and tracking their attendance to both in-person and virtual knowledge sessions.

What is a Continuing Education Event?

Many Professional organizations require their members to stay current with knowledge and practice to stay accredited - and need to measure participation at event sessions to achieve this.

At a Continuing Education event:

  • Tracking session attendance needs to be accurate and easily accessible.
  • In-person and Virtual can be both be used to accommodate all members.
  • Good schedule signage ensures attendees never miss an important session.

Much easier with a single vendor

  • Registration, Badging, Tracking - keeping these together reduces cost, eros and hassle.

Great Reporting

  • Watch session attendance in real-time in MeetMax.
  • Generate the reports you need post-event to create Credit certificates.

Reliable, unobtrusive tracking

  • RFID is the only way to reliably track session attendance. QR code scanning has too many sources of error.
  • TWST offers an RFID layout that will be barely noticed by attendees.

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