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Analyst Day

Run an Analyst Day to Impress

Create Analyst Day events that are professional looking and incorporate AV, Webcasting and Badging from a single vendor.

What is an Investor or Analyst day?

Analyst Day’s are an IR event for Investors and Analysts - that most public companies offer every 12-24 months.

With an Analyst Day:

  • Everything needs to run smoothly because this is the Company’s time to shine.
  • Virtual access to a webcast version is vital for those investors unable to attend in person.
  • Professional registration and elegant portal access to the webcast send a powerful signal to those invited.

Register with a single vendor

  • Registration, and virtual access to the webcast seamlessly work together.
  • Keep all the data on registration, physical attendance and virtual access in one place.

Take it up a notch to really impress

  • Conference-quality badging onsite, to know exactly who came.
  • Dynamic signage to greet attendees and show off the brand.

Event Services

  • Dealing with the hotel.
  • Running the badging completely.
  • Marketing the event.

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