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Our Story

Our mission is to create the most rewarding event experiences, in-person, online, or anything in between.
We focus on maximizing results.

As an event technology and production company, we develop and deliver the most evolved, and highly integrated, event production tools in the industry. With our three divisions, MeetMax, SummitCast, & Planet AV, we are your one-stop-shop event tech vendor.

Our Timeline


The year was 1963 when the Wall Street Transcript Publication (TWST) was born. In the beginning, TWST published interviews with CEOs and industry analysts, so they could connect and share their stories of how they planned to set the world on fire.


When our founders acquired the publishing company in 1998, it was struggling with the advent of the internet and the team dreamed of bringing TWST online.

We were a team of 40, based in New York City, and we added the ability to customize various publications for specific events and conferences.

We soon learned that conferences were key. Focusing on conferences and events became our bread and butter. And now, it's what we know best.


The industry ran into a problem in 2000, when the SEC enacted the Regulation Fair Disclosure. This required most public companies to webcast presentations to investors.

With this new market need, we invested in creating our own webcasting production service, now called SummitCast. We have been live-webcasting conferences ever since.

Watching and learning as the conference and events industry flourished, we saw that some of our clients profited from the ability to have one-on-one meeting programs. But they struggled with the logistics: managing faxes and lengthy spreadsheets, scheduling, and last minute changes.


We developed our MeetMax Conference Software (2003) to take the pain out of the registration and scheduling process. Running 1x1 meetings has never been easier.

This alone rescues our clients from late nights and saves them from having to hire huge “temp teams” who work 24/7 to put on events.


Over the next 10 years, we became event experts. As we learned of new problems, we created new solutions, expanding our capabilities and reengineering the entire conference meeting platform.

And we didn't stop there.

We knew we needed to understand, more fully, what it was like to produce events. So we started doing it ourselves.

We purchased a small events company and our team expanded further. Now, we run these technology-specific conferences, complete with exhibitors, booths, complex payment systems, 1x1 meetings, and attendee tracking.

Now, we walk in our client's shoes and see events from their perspectives. And we understand what it takes to make an event a success.


As we all know, everything stopped in March of 2020. And we pivoted.

We helped our clients keep their events going and we improved them. Since we were already webcasting, producing, running sessions, scheduling virtual meetings, and providing an online portal, we realized we had our own integrated virtual event platform.

Which brings us to the hybrid world of today. Events are back on site but attendee behavior has changed. The most successful events are accommodating this new paradigm.

We have a vision for the future and that's what drives us today.

Our Team

We employ 65 event experts at 3 offices in Manhattan, Saratoga, and New Jersey. And the majority of our team works remotely around the country.

We are innovators and always look for ways to improve our products and services to make your event better. We want you to feel heard, empowered, and supported by the TWST Events team.

Our team will always go the extra mile to make sure you look good to attendees, sponsors, donors, and your senior management.

We are experts, with dedicated software, webcasting, and A/V production teams. You and your event are always in the best hands.

We are dependable, versatile, flexible, and adaptable.

We empower, support, listen, innovate, and transform.

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