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Event Surveys

Host more successful events when you collect attendee feedback

Wondering how your last event went? You can analyze attendee data all day, but to their evaluate experience, collect and assess feedback. The best way to gather attendee feedback is to put together a post-event survey, which can easily be created and sent through MeetMax.

There is infinite value in receiving feedback

MeetMax allows you to quickly and easily create a simple post-event survey, email it to those who attended and start gathering results the same day. Simpler than dedicated survey apps, and directly integrated with MeetMax - good feedback will takes minutes.

  • Measure attendee satisfaction
  • Build trust
  • Eliminate the guesswork
  • Receive honest feedback
  • Assess successes and failures
  • Improve future events
  • Incorporate attendee preferences
  • Understand event performance

Event surveys in your event management platform

  • Create and administer event surveys within MeetMax
  • Send a batch email or invite attendees to log in to their registration site to complete the survey
  • View all or average responses and comments for each question
  • Combine feedback with event analytics to create a comphrensive event success report

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