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Investor Conference

Run an Investor Conference as good as anything on the street

Run a flawless Investor Conference with the help of the most experienced team in the business that knows every requirement for a well-run event.

What is an Investor Conference?

Investor Conferences are a marketplace of information exchange. Investors congregate at a venue to hear multiple companies present their investment potential, and to meet a number of them for more information and to take the investment interest to another level.

It’s a very efficient use of Investors’ time in gathering current investment data, and it’s the best way a company can market its investment potential to new investors.

At an investor conference:

  • Everyone’s time is vital,and pre-scheduled meetings allow investors to fill their days with valuable appointments.
  • In-person and Virtual events work equally well because company presentations and 1x1 meetings have proven to work seamlessly in a virtual portal that many investors prefer.
  • Quality reporting is vital, as brokerage revenue becomes increasingly reliant on detailed, accurate activity reporting.


  • With over 20 years of experience of capital markets conferences all over the world, we understand the uniqueness of these events, and how to run a really good one.
  • We understand the needs and priorities of Clients that run such events, and we make our Clients look like stars.

1x1 Meeting Expertise

  • We provide the most evolved 1x1 meeting scheduling system that has revolutionized the way conferences are organized.
  • However you wish to run your 1x1 program, TWST has a solution that will get the best results for you.

Everything in one place

  • Make your life easy and have a single vendor for registration, meetings, badges, signage, AV and webcasting.
  • Event Services can run any part of the event for you - that you do not have time to run yourself.

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