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  • Why Webcast your event?

    It is important to webcast your event to both remote viewers unable to attend the event and attendees interested in revisiting the content later. This valuable tool benefits not only the presenter but also expands awareness and engagement to individuals unable to physically attend, ultimately broadening your audience reach and extending the overall engagement. By utilizing webcasts during the event and sharing them on social media, you can boost your marketing reach and set the stage for a successful event next year.

    • What sessions should I webcast?

      You should webcast all important keynotes and all sessions of sponsors and major exhibitors for whom the leads generated of who watched would be very valuable. If you are at an investor conference you should consider webcasting the entire event.

    • Badging

      • What are my choices of size and design?

        Experience the versatility of our TWST Events badging system, where your badge can take on various dimensions, from a generous 6 inches by 4 inches, double-sided, to a more compact 3 inches by 2 inches, seamlessly fitting as an adhesive label or an insert into a clear wallet.

        Our approach prioritizes efficiency and accuracy by utilizing black and white printing for the operational aspect of badging. This ensures a straightforward and error-free process. However, when it comes to the design of your final badge, the possibilities are as vibrant as your imagination allows. You can infuse it with a burst of colors, incorporating your event's logo and pertinent information, leaving a dedicated space for the attendee's name.

        We offer a range of badge formats to cater to your preferences. Some clients opt for preprinted badges, featuring colorful logos and event details, with only the attendee's name left to personalize. Others choose a badge wallet, thoughtfully designed in a colorful vinyl rigid plastic format, complete with a transparent pouch for the printed insert. Another popular option is the rigid formset, with attendee names printed on adhesive labels that neatly adhere to the formset.

        • How far ahead do I have to order stock?

          Two months from your event date provides a reasonable window for badge design; however, keep in mind that some custom stock printers may require 2 to 3 weeks for production, allowing room for revisions and proofs to ensure perfection. In the event of a tighter timeline, you might need to consider a more streamlined badge design to accommodate the available time constraints.

        • Do you offer self check-in?

          Yes, we provide the convenience of self-check-in with two versatile formats at your disposal. The first option is a freestanding kiosk, while the second is a large-screen tablet format, elegantly placed on a table. In either format, you have the flexibility to decide whether you'd like attendees to print their badge stock right next to the terminal and assemble their badges themselves. Alternatively, you can opt for a centralized approach where all check-in terminals feed into a central printing desk. Here, a dedicated badge clerk takes charge of the printing and distribution process, ensuring a seamless and efficient check-in experience for your attendees..

        • Attendee Tracking

          • How should I compare QR Code Scanning to RFID Scanning?

            Utilizing QR code scanning represents a one-time action, indicating that individuals passed through the human scanner at a specific moment. However, it presents challenges when tracking departures, as scanning people leaving a room is difficult. Additionally, QR scanning can lead to the formation of lines, as each scan demands time and attention from both the individuals and the scanner operators. Ensuring comprehensive coverage, with no one jumping the line or bypassing the process, can be demanding. QR scanning is most effective for smaller sessions or for entry into a singular, large location.

            RFID scanning is a better options for events featuring multiple session locations with sessions concurrently occurring in various areas. RFID scanning offers the distinct advantage of providing precise insights into attendees' session durations. Unlike QR scanning, RFID scanning doesn't rely on human clerks stationed at doorways, rendering it less intrusive and more efficient in large-scale event scenarios..

          • Is RFID Scanning visually intrusive?

            No. At TWST events, we are dedicated to ensuring that RFID scanning remains unobtrusive and inconspicuous. We do not use large metal objects and instead utilize slim rubber mats. In fact, the majority of attendees are unlikely to even realize they are being scanned, allowing for a seamless and subtle experience.

          • Signage

            • How important is signage at my event?

              The significance of signage cannot be overstated. It has the power to transform the perception of an event, turning an otherwise ordinary gathering into an exciting and memorable experience. The ambiance created by signage plays a pivotal role in this transformation. When it comes to informational and branded signage, there are a multitude of approaches available, each capable of elevating your event's appeal. It's worth noting that investing more in signage often yields superior results, enhancing the overall impression and impact of your event.

            • What kind of branded signage is available?

              Our services encompass both corporate signage and branding solutions, strategically designed to elevate the host's brand identity while not explicitly mentioning the event itself. These printed materials are crafted in large formats, ensuring a visually striking and impactful presence. Our digital signage offerings are dedicated to conveying event-specific information, bridging the gap between branding and event communication. Within this spectrum of options, you'll find a versatile array of printed and digital formats that can leave a lasting positive impression. These include vibrant vinyl applications that can adorn podiums, escalators, and hotel entryways, as well as captivating light projections like gobos. Our goal is to provide you with a comprehensive range of tools to enhance the overall appeal and success of your event.

            • Where do I store my signage?

              Storage is vital for impressive signage because it is voluminous and you want to use it for every event. TWST events offers storage and delivery of signage and uses our warehouse facility. Can be brought to and from the event.

            • MeetMax

              • Should I be running a 1x1 meeting program?

                Running a 1x1 meeting program can be highly beneficial if you can identify categories or subsets within your audience who are enthusiastic and motivated to engage with other groups or subsets. This motivation can stem from various sources, as you've mentioned, such as investors seeking information, buyers and distributors looking for partnerships, and various other types of individuals and organizations seeking valuable connections. If you have identified these motivated subsets within your audience, it's a strong indication that implementing a 1x1 meeting program could greatly enhance your event's value and appeal. It can facilitate meaningful interactions, foster collaboration, and create networking opportunities that align with the specific interests and goals of your attendees.

              • What kind of 1x1 meeting program should I run?

                To ensure the success of your 1x1 program, it should be moderated. As event hosts, careful management of the program is key to achieving maximum success. This entails controlling who participates and the extent of their involvement, as well as scheduling meetings on behalf of attendees to ensure equitable distribution and optimal benefits for all.

                Un-moderated programs often fall short of expectations. Attendees can be inundated with meeting requests from the most assertive and sometimes irrelevant participants, leading to confusion about how to make the program work best for their needs.

                When organizing a 1x1 program, there are several critical aspects to consider, including participant selection, pricing options, vendor involvement, and the number of meetings individuals can take. By incorporating criteria aligned with your business goals and scheduling some or all meetings accordingly, you can significantly enhance the program's chances of success.

                Our dedicated MeetMax support staff is available to assist you in crafting the perfect program tailored to your event's unique considerations. Their expertise will ensure that your 1x1 program delivers the desired outcomes and enriches the overall event experience. [Link to Andy's 1x1 talk video here for further insights and guidance.]

              • What types of events do TWST Events excel at?

                We shine at organizing and elevating the following types of events:

                1.Events with a 1x1 Meeting Program: If your event heavily relies on a 1x1 program, and the success of this program is of paramount importance to you, MeetMax stands out as the platform of choice. Our sophisticated platform allows for the meticulous structuring and organization of 1x1 programs, accommodating your specific rules, constraints, and engagement preferences. The administrative tools we provide for overseeing the program are unmatched, ensuring that you achieve the precise outcomes you desire.

                2.Events with Attendee Tracking Needs: When attendee tracking is a critical aspect of your event, especially in cases where it involves lead tracking and online participation, TWST Events excels. Our platform seamlessly integrates registration, badging, scanning, and virtual engagement, providing you with comprehensive data on your attendees' activities. Whether your event is focused on continuing education or other specialized tracking requirements, we have you covered.

                3.Events with a Virtual Component: In the age of virtual connectivity, TWST Events has a proven track record of delivering highly functional and effective virtual event experiences. During the lockdown period, our planetAV-produced virtual sessions set a new standard for professional content delivery. We offer seamless access to 1x1 meetings, facilitating thousands of online interactions. Even in a post-lockdown world, for professional B2B events or live events with a virtual component, TWST Events provides a hassle-free hybrid environment that offers a unique and enriching experience for attendees.

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