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Business Exchange

Deliver the best possible meeting experience at your next Business Exchange event

Run your Business Exchange the way you want - using the most flexible meeting platform in the marketplace.

What is a Business Exchange event?

A Business Exchange is a highly curated marketplace of 1-on-1 meetings between Vendors and Distributors in a specific industry vertical.

At a Business Exchange event:

  • Serious business gets conducted, around new products, pricing, incentives and terms.
  • Distributors enjoy the most efficient use of their time to engage with existing and new vendors to optimize their business prospects for the near future.
  • Vendors get to meet new distributors to promote new products and offer pricing and terms for the coming period.

Choose the meeting program best suited to your event

  • Every Distributor meets every Vendor.
  • Anonymous requests with opt outs and managed automation of meetings.
  • Matching on profiles to create a meeting program without asking for requests

TWST can help

  • Event Services can help with any aspect of the event.
  • Leave the meeting assignment to the experts to ensure you get the meeting you expect.
  • Let us help with on-site administration, to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Administrator tools you can use

  • Unlike many platforms, MeetMax is not a black box. You can create the schedule yourself, and make any changes you need to.
  • Run reports at any time to see the results of the meeting program.

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