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User Group

Host an Unforgettable User Group Event

Organize User Group events that exude professionalism and provide the maximum possible value to your community with event features you are probably not using yet.

What is a User Group Event?

User Group Events are events designed for dedicated users, distributors and partners of a particular product or service. These events are typically held annually or semi-annually and serve as an opportunity for users to connect, learn, and share insights.

When you're hosting a User Group Event:

  • Every detail must align to ensure a flawless experience, as this is the time for your organization to shine.
  • Offering virtual access to a webcast version is crucial for attendees who cannot join in person.
  • A polished registration process and an elegant portal for webcast access convey a strong message to your invited guests.
  • Add meetings, and attendee tracking to provide the best source of new leads for key partners.

Streamline the Event Experience

  • With TWST, you have a single vendor for registration and seamless virtual access to the webcast.
  • All event data, including registration, physical attendance, and virtual access, are consolidated in one convenient location.

Elevate Your Event to the Next Level

  • Impress your attendees with conference-quality badges for on-site identification.
  • Offer 1x1 meetings with product experts, key partners and solution providers.
  • Attendee tracking provides real lead generation for key partners.

Everything in one place

  • Make your life easy and have a single vendor for registration, meetings, badges, signage, AV and webcasting.
  • Host your User Group Event with confidence, knowing that TWST has you covered every step of the way.

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