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Hosted Buyer

Maximize the potential of your hosted buyer program

Offer valuable opportunities for both buyers and suppliers to establish meaningful connections through 1x1 meetings.

What is a Hosted Buyer program?

A hosted buyer program is a highly-managed business connection event for a select group of buyers (or distributors) to meet vendors, in pre-arranged appointments.

With a hosted buyer program:

  • The screening and selection of buyers is a key value-add for hosts and participants.
  • Vendors cherish the private meeting time spent with these select buyers who may become customers.
  • Buyers value the focused use of time to evaluate and compare vendors.

Event Consultation

  • Our team of experts will provide guidance, insights, and tailored accommodations, to help you make your hosted buyer event a success.
  • We have been providing this type of white glove service to the financial industry and associations and other verticals for the past 20 years.

Platform Flexibility

  • Different sectors need to run their hosted buyer program differently. From how requests are expressed to how meetings are scheduled - no two programs are identical.
  • MeetMax’s flexible meetings platform allows for customized matchmaking, adaptable scheduling, and personalized experiences to meet your exact needs.

Guaranteed Success

  • A successful hosted buyer program requires the right mix of buyer selection, vendor participation and a platform and process designed to get the best possible combination of meetings.
  • Done well, a hosted buyer program is the most valuable aspect of a trade show, or a lucrative stand-alone event.

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