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Maximizing Sponsor ROI with Shared Interest Tables

By: Andrew Pickup
April 9, 2024

“Shared Interest” Tables are another tool for increasing Sponsor ROI.

Everyone who runs events spends a lot of time focusing on their Sponsors, for a good reason: they support the financials of an event.

But not enough time and thought is given to HOW to take care of them? Sponsors don’t decide to be involved in an event so they can hand out swag, or talk over people while they try and eat lunch. They want qualified business leads.

The problem is that traditional event formats just aren't addressing this; they’re not taking care of their valuable Sponsors.

Here is a new tool for Sponsors: Shared Interest Tables. A curated session, on a topic of interest to buyers, and hosted by the Sponsor - that attendees can voluntarily join. Talking to someone who's genuinely interested in what you offer or do. That's the magic of Shared Interest Breakouts.

Here's how it works:

  • Talk to your sponsor and find out what 1 or 2 topics they would like to host a Shared Interest Table on. Keep it to 10 seats/people. Maybe add a giveaway item or incentive for attendees to come. Pick good times, when they won’t be missing key sessions.
  • Market the Shared Interest tables to the Attendees in their general registration process - along with 1x1 meetings and general sessions.
  • Attendees sign up for the tables that interest them, and these meeting times are automatically put on their schedule, so they don’t forget.
  • And, just in case, text alerts will remind them 10 minutes before.

Think about it: as a Sponsor, would you rather stand by your booth for 4 hours - not knowing who on the floor you should be talking to? Or would you rather have a focused conversation set up for you, with a group that’s there and ready to hear about your expertise? Shared Interest Tables are all about quality, not quantity.

So, how do you get started with Shared Interest Tables?

Easy. Contact TWST Events. We'll help you craft the perfect sessions that generate the leads you crave, for both sponsors and attendees. No more throwing spaghetti at the wall and hoping it sticks. We'll make sure your sponsors’ messages connect with the right people. Let's ditch the fluff and focus on what matters: real connections and real results - and real ROI for Sponsors.

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