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Is Your Onsite Event Check-in and Badging Flawless?

By: Claire Heger
April 1, 2023

Never underestimate the value of a smooth check-in and badging process. Check-in and badging is where attendees get their first impression of your event. Don’t let all your hard work result in a poor first experience; because their first impression is what they will remember. Here’s how to ensure the process is flawless.

Badge printing made easy - for you and your attendees

Onsite badge printing can create a better event experience for you and your attendees. When you print badges onsite, there’s no late-night pre-printing, no badge stuffing sessions, no alphabetizing, and fewer hold-ups in line. It's a relief for you and your staff.

Even better, it allows your team to step away from the registration table to engage with attendees. And your attendees enjoy a fast, easy, and uncomplicated process. Here are some tips to ensure your onsite badging process runs flawlessly.

Hire a technology expert

Technology is always changing and typically, for the better. Is your onsite badging team a group of skilled technicians who are versed in the latest technology? An experienced team is equipped to predict, prevent, and quickly address potential roadblocks and technical issues that you can’t always predict.

In fact, our seasoned badge technicians are the most popular people with our clients. It makes sense, since they’re on the front lines with the event team, and they understand the importance of being meticulous and precise when it comes to badging and registration information.

Take advantage of the data opportunity

When presenters and sponsors choose to participate in your event, they expect data so they can get their return-on-investment (ROI) from participating, and can measure their results. As the meeting host, you also expect meaningful data to help you measure your ROI.

Badges are key to the data; they help you to know what your attendees are doing. This is vital business intelligence for you to determine what sessions are popular and what sessions, or exhibitors, get visited.

A sophisticated badging provider adds QR Code or RFID tracking technology to your event badge (and they present cost-effective solutions). This is the technology that will show you all the data you need to create that ROI.

A sponsorship and branding opportunity

The event badge is the one of the first things attendees look at when speaking to other attendees, so a badge or lanyard sponsor becomes “front of mind” throughout the entire event.

Sponsors look for visibility and access to leads, and securing sponsorship dollars is a strategic and collaborative journey of relationship development. Badges present a great opportunity to secure event sponsorship with high visibility.

Badging might not be the most glamorous package, but we know how valuable the first impression is for your attendees partners (and how valuable conference badge data is for you).

Are you losing your badging provider?

We understand there has been a shakeout in the badging software area. TWST Events is proud to maintain a great product with robust software and hardware. We provide the onsite equipment you need to print badges. And, prior to the event, we work with you on the badge layout design and how many badge stations you need.

Interested to learn more about how to get your ROI on badging? Contact us!

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