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1x1 Meeting

Your Trade Show is Doomed Without a 1x1 Meeting Program

By: Claire Heger
October 10, 2022

Booths can be expensive and reliant on luck to generate leads: will the right people look at the booths? Will they stop by? Will you recognize them when you see them? An exhibitor might receive hundreds of visitors at their booth, but are they the high-quality leads they need?

Rather than take chances, here are the top three reasons a 1-on-1 meeting program can produce a better ROI for those attending or exhibiting at a trade show.

1. The magic of meeting in-person

Meeting in person is still SO important for conducting business. Human interaction is the best way to build trust and establish business relationships that last. The face-to-face environment provides a true sense of connection because we communicate more effectively when we read and can respond to non-verbal cues:

  • Facial expressions
  • Tone of voice
  • Eye contact
  • Gestures
  • Posture

A firm handshake and steady eye contact can forge the foundation for a conversation, guide responses, and lead to more meaningful dialogue.

But drawn-out conversations with the wrong target market won’t meet the strategic goals of attending. Exhibitors and sponsors alike need to talk to the right people.

2. Get the right people to your booth

Exhibitors, sponsors, and attendees can better maximize their time on the show floor by having those meaningful face-to-face meetings. How? By guaranteeing the right people arrive at the right booth at the right time.

With a 1x1 meeting program, exhibitors, sponsors, and attendees:

  • see who’s attending
  • make meeting requests
  • confirm appointments
leading up to the show. They decide who they want to meet with and a match-making program automatically fills thousands of schedule requests in seconds. If you’ve been doing these programs manually, this reduces your pre-event work stress and saves hours (if not days) of time.

Participants show up with a personalized agenda, packed with pre-scheduled appointments, knowing they will be seeing people who match their predetermined criteria for the best target market.

Who are the best people to meet at an event? Those who are:

  • Decision makers
  • Have purchasing power
  • Have budget
Giving exhibitors, sponsors, and attendees a results-focused reason to attend strengthens their desire to attend. And ensuring that they speak to their ideal match buyers can solidify their decision to attend, sponsor, or exhibit.

3. Reduce time to close and accelerate the sales pipeline

A 1-on-1 meeting program can increase lead volume and quality, but this is only the start. Implementing a lead-capture and retrieval system for your exhibitors and sponsors helps them maximize the value of your trade show or conference. Exhibitors who can collect leads immediately and follow up will be able to capitalize on their new connections.

Capturing this data is as easy as scanning badges, taking notes, and ensuring these leads meet your sales criteria on event day. All the data is also easy to access after the show. This helps exhibitors and sponsors better understand the event traffic, and helps them turn leads into sales. The lead-capture software also helps trace closed business back to the pre-booked appointments, to measure event ROI.

Become the “Go To” Event

Connecting attendees with exhibitors and sponsors can help make your event the best “go to market” decision. A 1:1 meeting program is the best way to establish meaningful relationships, make the most of an event, and take business to new heights. Exhibitors and sponsors will be happy to attend, year after year, when provided with this platform.

MeetMax Conference Software is the tool to help you create this type of targeted 1x1 program. In fact, it can be your overall Event Tech Platform, including flexible registration and payment options, floor plan management, and attendance tracking.

Thousands of meeting requests can be filled via programming and automation, and attendees have the flexibility to make and confirm their own appointments, too. Whether it’s a professional partnering event, a hosted buyer program, or a B2B exchange, a single software platform saves time and delivers the best conference and meeting program.

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