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Event Planning

Top 3 Tips to Make Your Events Indispensable

By: Rachel Hornstein
December 1, 2023

As we approach the end of the year, it's a good time to reflect on what went well and what may need improvement from the past 12 months of events.

What went well? What didn’t? What were you able to accomplish? And what would you like to try?

The goal is to make your events integral to your company’s marketing and sales successes in 2024. On our part, we’re delving deep into these questions during our upcoming TWST Events User Group Day in February, to share our insights with those looking to grow.

Here are three key ways to elevate your events' impact in the coming year.

1. Strengthen Your Brand Identity On-site

There's no better way to maximize the value of your event than by tracking and showing your sponsors the specific offerings that resonated most with your attendees. Additionally, you can show speakers who attended their sessions and exhibitors who came to their booth by utilizing attendee tracking. This can be a game-changer when it comes to maximizing the potential revenues of your event because this is data that has real value.

2. Empower Sales with Integrated Data

In the data-driven world of sales, your event can be a goldmine of insights. Today's most successful event planners utilize data, collected from attendee interactions, feedback, and behaviors, to tailor their sales approach.

This can mean tracking which sessions garnered the most interest, understanding attendee networking patterns, or analyzing post-event feedback for sales leads.

Today’s in-depth reporting capabilities allow you to measure and quantify your event’s ROI in real-time, and make intelligent improvements to future processes. By integrating this data into your CRM system, every sales call can be informed and targeted, making them significantly more effective. The key is to transition from a broad-brush approach to a focused, data-informed strategy.

3. Leave the Hotel: Reallocate Your Budget for Greater Impact

Moving your event out of the traditional hotel setting opens up a realm of possibilities. It’s no secret that hotels have cornered the market in hosting events and meetings, but with rising prices, keeping the status quo may be taking away budget from adding elements to your events that truly matter.

Consider investing in elements that truly enhance the attendee experience. This could be:

  • high-quality content
  • innovative technology
  • unique venues that align more closely with your brand identity

The savings from hotel costs can be redirected to create a truly memorable experience for attendees, which can also deliver a higher ROI. Think about what elements of your event resonate most with your audience and invest there

Thoughtful Event Planning Creates Success

Making your events indispensable to your company's marketing and sales teams’ success isn't about grand gestures, but rather strategic, thoughtful planning. It's about ensuring that every element of your event, from the location, to the data, to the experience itself, works in harmony to strengthen your brand and create amazing experiences.

For those interested in exploring these topics further with industry thought leaders, join us at the TWST Events User Group Day on February 1st, 2024 in NYC. Register Here .

This day promises to share a treasure trove of insights and strategies for making your next event. In addition to our panels, we'll feature product demos, consultations, and opportunities to connect with TWST experts on various topics, including new badging services, branding tools from PlanetAV, RFID/lead tracking equipment and data, and much more!

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