TWST Events / Targeted Information and Networking

TWST Events is the new name for Webcom Communications Events Group.

Conferences and Summit from TWST Events take a new approach to industry events:

  • They are focused on a tightly defined sector. We aim for focus to give the maximum relevance for all our attendees.
  • The presentations and panels are put together by experienced industry professionals who have many years of experience in the sector. They ensure that the content presented at one of our summits is of the hightest value.
  • Our events are highly interactive. Networking at our TWST events is real – attendees and companies are able to use our proprietary meeting platform to reach out to other attendees and schedule timed meetings. A TWST event – is a conference and business trip.
  • TWST events offer the very best value for money – whether you are an attendee or an exhibitor.


The sectors we are currently producing events for are as follows:

  • Magnetics
  • Motors and Drives
  • Internet of Things
  • Thermal Management & Materials
  • UAV Remote Sensing
  • AI Manufacturing
  • Control & Command Centers
  • Connected Cities
  • 5G Antennas



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