Onsite Registration

Full-featured conference platform

MeetMax is a full-featured conference platform, with a special focus on 1x1 meeting programs.

Realtime engagement data with ScanTracker™

Rapidly gather and share insights on who is participating in your programs and what content they engage with. The ScanTracker™ app stores live sessions and meetings attendance tracking in MeetMax.

Empower Exhibitors with LeadTracker™

Verified business leads are what your Exhibitors and Sponsors value most out of events. The LeadTracker™ app gives them the power to scan and qualify each lead and have it synced to MeetMax.

Leverage RFID for the most comprehensive picture

When you're looking to track attendance across concurrent sessions and 1x1 meetings, it's time to move beyond human scanners and utilize passive RFID technology.

MeetMax ScanTracker™

An engagement tracking solution built right into the MeetMax platform. Our software empowers event hosts with tools for monitoring attendance at Presentation sessions, Activities, 1x1 meetings, and other ad-hoc scheduled interactions.

These interactions are then tracked either by QR codes (active tracking) or RFID (passive tracking) - both of which are facilitated with MeetMax CheckIn™.

For QR code tracking, an image is printed onto the attendee badges generated from our onsite registration equipment. Tracking clerks, holding a simple QR scanning device, scan attendees as they enter the session to record their participation.

MeetMax LeadTracker™

We've built a native mobile app which allows your Sponsors & Exhibitors to scan the QR codes from badges generated out of MeetMax CheckIn™ and sync that data back into the MeetMax platform.

To get started, users simply download the app for iOS or Android, enter their company access code which is automatically generated in MeetMax, and start scanning.

Event hosts can configure the Lead Qualifier form prior to the event, giving the exhibitors the ability to save additional details about each scanned lead.

These scanned leads are synced to MeetMax and commingled with other soft leads like meeting requests, profile bookmarks, and profile views - all of which is easily downloaded from their MeetMax login.

LeadTracker™ is easy to set up, easy to distribute to Exhibitors, and easy for them to use. All completely integrated into MeetMax.

RFID Tracking

Event stakeholders are demanding more insightful, realtime engagement analytics.

For hosts who are ready to take their business intelligence gathering to the next level, we've developed an RFID tracking solution which is fully integrated into MeetMax ScanTracker™.

Passive RFID antennas stationed above doors to presentation rooms, at the entrypoints to where 1x1 meetings are being held, and at exit points from the event.

This allows you to record with precision which sessions they've attended, which meetings they attend, and how long they were present at your event.

The RFID tag is embedded into the badge itself, which is encoded when printed at the MeetMax CheckIn™ desk, and all of the data is fully integrated within the MeetMax ScanTracker™ module.


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