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Event day online

Create fully branded, engaging, and interactive virtual experiences for your attendees that extend beyond a computer screen. With live webinar Q&A and secure virtual meeting solutions, we enable vital communications for your attendees. Our high-touch services will leave you feeling confident with an online event day.

There is infinite value in receiving feedback

MeetMax allows you to quickly and easily create a simple post-event survey, email it to those who attended and start gathering results the same day. Simpler than dedicated survey apps, and directly integrated with MeetMax - good feedback will takes minutes.

  • Measure attendee satisfaction, Measure attendee satisfaction, Measure attendee satisfaction
  • Build trust, Build trust, Build trust
  • Eliminate the guesswork, Build trust, Build trust

Event surveys in your event management platform

  • Create and administer event surveys within MeetMax
  • Send a batch email or invite attendees to log in to their registration site to complete the survey
  • View all or average responses and comments for each question
  • Combine feedback with event analytics to create a comphrensive event success report

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